Monday, December 3, 2012

Heart disease Remedy to Astrology

The Sanskrit and religion faculty of (Religion Astrology department) from Kashi Hindu University detected, with the help of ‘UGC’ came across the problem of heart diseases, suffered more people. UGC grant responsibility to its successful treatment. Through astrology, the faculty able to treat the patient success and gave a birth to new technology.
General Professor Shatrudhan Tripathi researched on 213 heart patient through UGC astrology  has been successful in curing heart disease. Everyday opens OPD to treat heart patients through their horrendous. They received 80% successful result. According to prof. Tripathi, more patients are Saturn, and others guru planet, mars, Venus and rahu factors to death. These patients started believing on astrology after they got successful treatment. 
 “Here we got full benefits and now my mother is in good condition”, Diwakar Choubey Heart patient said.  
This technique was permitted by Education Funding Commission. Porcupine action has been taken on people through Research Science .To save heart attack patients we use spiritual Treatment.
“Approximately 213 heart patients had Successful Treatment. Through this method, we will come to know that a patient has a heart problem or not. The treatment of patients depends upon their planet. Gemstone and ritual etc diseases get Mitigate. so that general person can live long. other then the lordship is being done in the name of Lalita Ode thousand names" said Professor. Shatrudhan Tripathi, (HOD)

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