Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It has no own identification….It has no power, It has no expectation, It has no right to say anything, It cannot give advice to men in any matter, but it has 50% role  to make our society…it nothing but ‘it’ here a Woman….

We are talking  about   18th  Century… It is first thing is that she hasn’t own identification…when she takes born in the society… people called her from various identities like girl of XYZ…when she  grows up people says, she is sisters of XYZ…then she got married  people says she is wife of XYZ…then she is blessed with baby  (He, or She)  people says she is mother of XYZ... So this is a woman life…That time she has no identification but she was safe in comparison present.
Now we are talking about  Women empower in our society…In 20th century women get a more success in every  field…She takes stand and summit her presences in teaching, engineering, Medical, polite, Administration, Defiance,  Acting, Game, politics, Driving, Business, Journalist, Social worker etc. she has challenged to men in every field..She has proof herself  power that she is better than men…she get empowerment so she has safe herself in any satiation

She has mange home and office without any expectation to child and husband…She has participated in matter and issues either inside or outside…now she can keep their advice and idea…and makes her life in depend…earn respect to men’s society…

Now we are in 21st centuries…then women very strong but she has to face lots of problems…every day we are learning new lesson about women…female feticide harassment, Rape, assault by society,   hooting by hooligans, abused for dowry, molest by men, but nobody can do anything for women safety till now.

We had learning to 16 December “DAMINI” rape case but our government no wake up till now…because Two teenage cousins aged 14 and 15 were gang raped and murdered in Badaun And now one more case come in limelight a 22-year-old girl was allegedly gang raped, forced to drink acid and later strangulated to death in Baheri and a 10-year-old alleged gang-rape victim was allegedly abducted from outside her house in Ganganagar area in Meerut

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What We Do???

 Is time to dance of This democracy and common people are totally
confused that how they use their vote...Vote for change...? Vote for pace...?
Vote for Development...? Vote for Employment....? Vote for Education...?
Vote for Safety? Because they have lots of funny and baseless option...

Because all political leader is campaigning for Vote...for Power...they
are polishing their personality...but nobody has fair personality...there
is no leader who is stainless...we are talking about PM post candidate
of BJP Narendr Modi...then the question simply arise that who is Modi
and what is his background ? so we get answer Modi is the accused of
Godhara riots...

Thereafter we have one more option Leader Rahul Gandhi then the
question simply arise that...who is Rahul Gandhi... what is his background
? so we get answer he is Youraj of AICC...and there is being dynasty
politics...and common people already bothered to UPA government...

And after that we have one more Alternative or we can say he is
standby for PM Post APP leader Arvind Kejriwal....then the question
simply arise that who is  Arvind Kejriwal....? so we get answer that
is deserter CM of delhi whom run only 49 days government and rushed...

Rest we have found ‘third front’ in this condition, what will do
common people, they can only hold question is that , Who will be the Prime Minister of India?, Which Party will get more then seats in Lok Sabha Election 2014 ?...
How should be Prime minister of India? What we take right person as a
PM? And talking about opinion poll...Why we are puzzled with option?, Do
you think about it?,   Why is Narendr Modi became a topic of gossip...Every day
we are hearing "Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi" on everywhere....and ‘Har Haath
shakti Har Haath tarakki...with Congress...Iss Baar chalegi Jhadoo with
AAP...In this carnival all parties promoting highly only for vote but not for