Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Caution withdrew accident

“Caution withdrew accident”
This  quotation is old and wrong at this time, the new quotation add is “Grew the Caution, Grew the accident".  
We are continuously reading  headlines in news paper from last four & Five days that
 “The case got hot gangraped in Delhi

 “Country  an Anger”                                            
“Victim is in critical condition” ect.

Gangrape cases are not a new thing in national capital. It’s common.

Everyday we have to read in the newspaper  about the Mental torture of lady, harassment. These type of incident does not be mention in news paper but it is be.

Anyways , Someone  suffering gang rape and politicians get the spice for the politics. Especially when the session is going to be in Parliament House.

A girl  honor was overrun. The next 24 hours are critical, if she pulls through, her chances of survival will improve. India prays.

Women leaders in the temple of democracy has assumed the position for  justice the victim of Gangrape. 

But the question arises that before too many cases where the recovered. But in the name of justice we got  nothing till now.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, who is a woman. Its seem to be a goof on such occasions. Rather than apply healer on victim’s wound She is saying that just been raped in her bus Laciness should be dismiss, and as well as to said CCTV cameras should be in the Bus. Someone is discussing about fast track court.

We don’t understand, why Government & Political Parties making a Spectacle of this type of cases.

Ask to CM of Delhi where CCTV has no shedding incident don’t occur. If its happens, so there is a much safer place is Parliament, Delhi High Court.

If  CCTV is the only solution then the why Delhi High Court and Parliament incident happen. If the culprit is caught help of CCTV, he will be sentence to only few years.If Accused be a poor, then he will be continue his punishment of Allegation, if  Accused be a Rich then he will pay  a little money and get the bail to jail, and again he will try search next prey.

Well, Our purpose is not to point fingers at anyone. But at least innocent of any ointment on the wound, then do not indoctrination of Politics.

Marziya Jafar Beig 

Friday, December 7, 2012

20th anniversary of Babri mosque demolition

The 20th anniversary of Babri mosque of Ayodhya. 6th December 1992 became a historical date in Indian history. After Demolished of Babri masque in the Hindu’s spiritually city Ayodhya  rift created between tow community (Hindu &  Muslim) Ayodhya prohibited by the Government from long  time.
A superstructure called the Babri mosque standing in the city of Ayodhya, came crashing down. It remains even today a traumatic event for the nation, because modern Indians not yet been weaned on a true history of India but on Macaulayian version view the destruction of the structure as criminal vandalism.
However, the real act of vandalism was the superstructure built on a hoary and existing temple, and the vandals came from abroad to demolish the temple, and to build a mosque on the same spot. But temples, once it is shown that (prana prathista puj) wordhip was performed to build it, is where God or the deity resides, and therefore a temple belongs to God forever.
Babri mosque was built as an affront to the Hindus. Otherwise it could have been built anywhere else since namaz can be offered anywhere. Hindus can be proud to have prevailed in history because despite 800 years of Islamic and 200 years of Christian domination, Bharat today is still over 80 per cent of Hindus in population, and a continuing Hindu civilisation.

Hidu’s (Sant) Pious said that,“I don’t want to hurt anyone's feelings. We are doing these programs (Bhajan, Kirtan) merely for build Ram temple at Lord RAM birth place in Ayodhya. The Babri Mosque demolition is not good for Muslims but Babar was to attacker and he attacked both Hindu & Muslims. Place of prayer should not be on anyone name like (Babri mosque) BABRI MASJID.” another pious said that  
 At that time we were scared looked at the chaos. But now, I felt that incident was caused by political parties. Now we had forgotten old quarrels and live with love both Hindu & Muslim.”

Marziya Jafar Beig

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heart disease Remedy to Astrology

The Sanskrit and religion faculty of (Religion Astrology department) from Kashi Hindu University detected, with the help of ‘UGC’ came across the problem of heart diseases, suffered more people. UGC grant responsibility to its successful treatment. Through astrology, the faculty able to treat the patient success and gave a birth to new technology.
General Professor Shatrudhan Tripathi researched on 213 heart patient through UGC astrology  has been successful in curing heart disease. Everyday opens OPD to treat heart patients through their horrendous. They received 80% successful result. According to prof. Tripathi, more patients are Saturn, and others guru planet, mars, Venus and rahu factors to death. These patients started believing on astrology after they got successful treatment. 
 “Here we got full benefits and now my mother is in good condition”, Diwakar Choubey Heart patient said.  
This technique was permitted by Education Funding Commission. Porcupine action has been taken on people through Research Science .To save heart attack patients we use spiritual Treatment.
“Approximately 213 heart patients had Successful Treatment. Through this method, we will come to know that a patient has a heart problem or not. The treatment of patients depends upon their planet. Gemstone and ritual etc diseases get Mitigate. so that general person can live long. other then the lordship is being done in the name of Lalita Ode thousand names" said Professor. Shatrudhan Tripathi, (HOD)

Bhadohi carpet will exhibit in Maha Kumbh Fair 2013

Sacred Maha Kumbh Mela (fair) is about to come and carpets weaver is busy for exhibition preparation. Indian Carpets are renowned the world over for their exquisite designs attractive colours. The magnificence of Indian carpet weaving and the intricate patterns that have emerged from it have substantially increased India's carpet exports and placed it prominently in the international carpet map.

“Good News for Carpet Industries, Director of kumbh mela permitted Carpet Exhibition in the fair. Best unit of carpet can exhibit in Kumbh mela 2013. This year on international level Maha Kumbh Fair will celebrate; So Carpet Industries can also get international facility over there. Those artisans can not introduce their art in international market they can show here”, Organizer  Javahar Lal said. 

“I am Happy and welcome to this announcement. it will be first time than our 200 year old carpet industry introduces both national and international level, it is Maha kumbh mela (fair) everybody will come here across the country. We get a good chance for exhibit our Art,” Abdul Hadi Carpet weaver  said.
 Carpet weaving was brought to India by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. Some of the most exclusive carpets were created during the Mughal reign, each carpet unlike the other but 
 infused with a common magic of colours and exotic design.

A carpet weaver's skills are his own and the designs he evolves are from his mind to be translated in to beautiful form with the help of wool and silk.