Friday, December 7, 2012

20th anniversary of Babri mosque demolition

The 20th anniversary of Babri mosque of Ayodhya. 6th December 1992 became a historical date in Indian history. After Demolished of Babri masque in the Hindu’s spiritually city Ayodhya  rift created between tow community (Hindu &  Muslim) Ayodhya prohibited by the Government from long  time.
A superstructure called the Babri mosque standing in the city of Ayodhya, came crashing down. It remains even today a traumatic event for the nation, because modern Indians not yet been weaned on a true history of India but on Macaulayian version view the destruction of the structure as criminal vandalism.
However, the real act of vandalism was the superstructure built on a hoary and existing temple, and the vandals came from abroad to demolish the temple, and to build a mosque on the same spot. But temples, once it is shown that (prana prathista puj) wordhip was performed to build it, is where God or the deity resides, and therefore a temple belongs to God forever.
Babri mosque was built as an affront to the Hindus. Otherwise it could have been built anywhere else since namaz can be offered anywhere. Hindus can be proud to have prevailed in history because despite 800 years of Islamic and 200 years of Christian domination, Bharat today is still over 80 per cent of Hindus in population, and a continuing Hindu civilisation.

Hidu’s (Sant) Pious said that,“I don’t want to hurt anyone's feelings. We are doing these programs (Bhajan, Kirtan) merely for build Ram temple at Lord RAM birth place in Ayodhya. The Babri Mosque demolition is not good for Muslims but Babar was to attacker and he attacked both Hindu & Muslims. Place of prayer should not be on anyone name like (Babri mosque) BABRI MASJID.” another pious said that  
 At that time we were scared looked at the chaos. But now, I felt that incident was caused by political parties. Now we had forgotten old quarrels and live with love both Hindu & Muslim.”

Marziya Jafar Beig

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