Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Caution withdrew accident

“Caution withdrew accident”
This  quotation is old and wrong at this time, the new quotation add is “Grew the Caution, Grew the accident".  
We are continuously reading  headlines in news paper from last four & Five days that
 “The case got hot gangraped in Delhi

 “Country  an Anger”                                            
“Victim is in critical condition” ect.

Gangrape cases are not a new thing in national capital. It’s common.

Everyday we have to read in the newspaper  about the Mental torture of lady, harassment. These type of incident does not be mention in news paper but it is be.

Anyways , Someone  suffering gang rape and politicians get the spice for the politics. Especially when the session is going to be in Parliament House.

A girl  honor was overrun. The next 24 hours are critical, if she pulls through, her chances of survival will improve. India prays.

Women leaders in the temple of democracy has assumed the position for  justice the victim of Gangrape. 

But the question arises that before too many cases where the recovered. But in the name of justice we got  nothing till now.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, who is a woman. Its seem to be a goof on such occasions. Rather than apply healer on victim’s wound She is saying that just been raped in her bus Laciness should be dismiss, and as well as to said CCTV cameras should be in the Bus. Someone is discussing about fast track court.

We don’t understand, why Government & Political Parties making a Spectacle of this type of cases.

Ask to CM of Delhi where CCTV has no shedding incident don’t occur. If its happens, so there is a much safer place is Parliament, Delhi High Court.

If  CCTV is the only solution then the why Delhi High Court and Parliament incident happen. If the culprit is caught help of CCTV, he will be sentence to only few years.If Accused be a poor, then he will be continue his punishment of Allegation, if  Accused be a Rich then he will pay  a little money and get the bail to jail, and again he will try search next prey.

Well, Our purpose is not to point fingers at anyone. But at least innocent of any ointment on the wound, then do not indoctrination of Politics.

Marziya Jafar Beig