Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Varansi bomb blast

The Varansi Bomb Blast is slap on Security Agencies of  India. Because one day before the blast was 6th December the anniversary of “BABRI MOSQUE” demolition and due to this the alert was already given.There should had been extra management of Security due to this alert  but there was no such of arrangement of Security at the “Ghats” of  varansi. Even the metal detector was damaged. It is clear that the inspite of alerts the Security is not looked up well. Anyways During blast at a two year old girl has died and 27 people have been injured, in the list of injured 6 people are foreigner. One is the the from Italy. Who is majority injured.
The bomb blasted at 6.30 pm and   the it was time for  “Ganga Aarti’’ The blast occurred in a milk container kept at the Ghat. Yesterday was Tuesday therefore in the “Sheetla Ghat” and “Dashasumer Ghat”  there was lots of rush and everybody was bussy in “Ganga Aarti”  but due to this blast the Aarti  was stopped in mid between.
After the bomb blast High Alert has been  declared in most of the spiritual place of related to Hindus  along with this the Security of  Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hybrabad and Bangluru has been tighted. After the half & hour of the Blast “Indian Mujahideen” sent  E-mail of Media and took  the responsibility of this attack. During the Investigation. It was found that this E-mail was  sent to from  Navi Mumbai. Police has arrested two people during the investigations.
According to the source this Blast was  done in  remembered  of 18  year back   “BABRI MOSQUE”  demolition. According to the ATS Source E-mail has been sent from the address and for sending  the E-mail  Airtel broadband connection. Those was the used IP address is  According to the Source “Indian Mujahideen’s” member is in involved in this blast his name is  “Dr. Shahnawaz”   from “Azamgarh”. But the question simple arise that what Indian Security Agencies are doing they  always promises for  sure safety but results  are zero. In this condition what  Indian can do.After seeing the situation of the country we feel that we will have to take some step against terrorist. Our government is only a  rubber stump and is of no good. Because before five years ago also the  blast “SANKAT MOCHAN” temple  23 February in 2005 and in that blast 8 people died as dead. Despite as this Security and safety is being ignored.   MARZIYA JAFAR

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