Thursday, December 9, 2010

Year of the Scams

Year 2010 is the year when maximum scams came to light. In this year many scam have been opened and came infront the public,.These scams includes many kind of scams in various fields. Mumbai Aadrash Housing  Society scam of former Chief Minister of Mharastra  Ashok Chauhan , Delhi Commonwealths Games scam of former President of CWGS Organizing committee Suresh Kalmadi  and  Bangluru Land scam of  Chief Minister of Karnataka  B.S Yadurappa,  as well as the mining  scam of Reddy Brothers. One another scam of 2010 which has been highlighted is  Indian Premier League scam of former commissioner of IPL  Lalit Modi . And Most recently opened scam is  UP’s Food scam which occurred during the govt of  Samajwadi Party (SP). During this year many types of scams opened, but the biggest scam of the year is 2G spectrum scam. this scam is of 1.77 lakh crores of rupees. The blame of this scam on former Communication Minister A Raja. This scam has links with other countries also. one thing is common in all these scams. All these scam are blame on high profile personalities and they have got big power and support. this is a white color crime. Due to these  the  common man is suffering the burden of inflation. Actually we want to say only to UPA Government that please  don’t play hide & seek game with common man and stop the corruption please take hard action against  corrupt Leaders, Officers, and Business Tycoon. 


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